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Silver Discoverer — Explore The Many Faces Of Asia Pacific

Immerse yourself in ancient cultures and natural wonders as you delve deep into the elixir of the unknown...

There are still lands out there untouched by time or tourists, tribal villages where few Westerners have ever set foot, uncharted atolls and vast yet fragile rainforests where nature still reigns supreme. Departing March 2014, Silver Discoverer sets sail to destinations like these in the most remote corners of Asia-Pacific. From the Stone Age cultures and coral treasures of Indonesia to the pelagic wonderlands in the Sea of Okhotsk, each region offers untold opportunity for genuine, authentic discovery, enriching sights and insights that are unforgettable, indelible … and perhaps even transformational. A travel experience beyond compare.

Southeast Asia

For today's traveller, the great adventure lies East — east to the Indonesia, home to some of the most intrepid destinations on the planet; to the rainforests of Borneo and isolated villages in the mountainous hinterlands of Sulawesi. There are underwater wonders, too – in the staggering biodiversity of Indonesia, the Philippines and Western Papua.
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Australia & New Zealand

For adventure of a truly epic spirit, the Kimberley has few equals. Largely inaccessible and protected by its very remoteness, this region in north-western Australia offers jaw-dropping landscapes etched with ancient human history. While for nature lovers, New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands are recognised as one of the world's greatest biodiversity 'hotspots' and we are privileged to be among the few allowed to land in these protected reserves.
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Micronesia, Melanesia & Polynesia

The Pacific islands of Oceania, which include the sub-regions of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, are among the most idyllic on Earth. Located below the equator and isolated by a vast expanse of ocean, these exquisite archipelagos boast lush rainforests, rare and endemic wildlife, an incredible diversity of tribal cultures and an untouched kind of beauty that you can not find anywhere else in the world.
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East Asia & Russian Far East

Long closed to Westerners, the Russian Far East is one of the planet's least explored destinations. In the Sea of Okhotsk, impassable winter ice floes isolate the Kuril Islands, and birding here is nothing short of spectacular. The Kamchatka is a geothermal wonderland, while in nutrient-rich waters of the Bering Sea support vast populations of birds, whales and other marine life, and an expedition through this wilderness will surely be a trip of a lifetime!
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